I have used Kesher Employment Services for over 15 years, and in that time they have referred quality personnel, specifically in the i.t. field, but also in the areas of finance, sales, and administration saving me tens of thousands of dollars. Hard to believe that they are 100% free, but it’s true! Highly efficient and responsive, I recommend their services to everyone.
Storage Guardian
We have been using Kesher’s services for over 15 years and have consistently received excellent service and results. Several of our long term employees have come from Kesher. In today’s world, seeking new employees can be time consuming and expensive. The candidates Kesher send us are pre-screened and always on the mark. What makes this even more impressive is that Kesher’s service is free. Over the years, Kesher has become our first choice for recruiting new employees.
Just as my business was about to reopen, I was informed that our controller had quit. The stress was beyond belief! I immediately called Kesher Employment Services and was sent several very qualified resumes. After our accountant’s review, I met with one of candidates, hired her and she began a few days later. All of this took place in a matter of days.
Kesher came to the rescue once again! They helped me previously, in a few other ‘jams’. Many people have asked me, including all of my friends in the accounting business, how I pulled this one off so quickly. I told them all, KESHER EMPLOYMENT. They all asked what the cost of this amazing service was, and I don’t think I was believed at first, when I told them that this is a FREE service.
This charity run organization, is a huge help to our community – whether you are the employer or employee- everyone benefits. I can’t thank Kesher enough! The stress is gone and the controller has turned out to be a great asset to our business.
Universal Lighting Corp
Kesher Employment Services is a first-rate recruiting organization. Their outstanding services have simplified the problem of finding qualified personnel. Kesher provides an important and needed service to the community. We highly recommend their excellent cost-free service.
Kraft, Berger, Grill, Cohen, & March Chartered Accountants
We have hired many outstanding candidates through Kesher Employment Services over the years. We found Kesher’s personnel to be efficient, confidential and skilled at matching our needs. From administration, sales, and customer service to finance and accounting, Kesher is our first choice for all our recruiting needs.
Friedberg Mercantile
Kesher Employment is a phenomenal service. We used to post jobs on the web and got hundreds of unqualified resumes that we had to sift through. The free service at Kesher Employment saved us time and money. We sent Kesher our job specifications, and they screened people with the skills we needed. Time after time, Kesher delivers.
Medallion Properties

We have been working with Kesher for the past 10 years, with several of our longstanding employees originally referred from the agency. Kesher’s level of service, professionalism and competency is all the more outstanding that it is a no cost service being provided. Their speed and focus on servicing the customer is really excellent, and we particularly appreciate the personalized service and attention provided over the years. In our company, finding the right person for the job starts with calling Kesher.

Hearing Solutions

Miller Bernstein Greenwood is called upon many times to refer potential hirees to our clients. This is a responsibilty that we take very seriously. To find highly qualified candidates, our first call is to Kesher Employment Services. Kesher quickly and efficiently refers candidates who can get the job done. In this way, Kesher makes us all winners.
Miller Bernstein Greenwood LLP Chartered Accountants

I’ve been using Kesher Employment for more than 5 years and we’ve hired many employees through Kesher. Not only does Kesher respond quickly to our call for help, but they are great at matching candidates to our needs. Needless to say, this saves us time and money in our recruiting process. I look forward to using their services in the future for our hiring needs.


I have been working with Kesher Employment Services for over 10 years and have hired several candidates through them. I will generally approach Kesher before hiring a search firm or posting a job to survey Kesher’s list of candidates. In my experience the quality of candidates is at a level on par with the top search firms in Canada and historically the people that I have hired through Kesher have become long term employees. The Kesher team is very professional and makes the process smooth and efficient. I plan on continuing my involvement with Kesher and would recommend this free, not for profit recruitment service to any company who is looking for qualified, mid to senior level individuals.
Rova Products

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